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Any loose sections/recaulking needed since you installed? It is prestained in a variety of wood tones, or white, comes in a zillion widths and different trims and is very inexpensive. Good luck! With the right hanging hardware and some precise measurements, you can have a beautiful vanity mirror in your … I used a chisel to make space for the washer on the back of the molding. I appreciate you stopping by! I am glad you found this tutorial! YES!! I’m sure it’ll turn out amazing! Leave it to a woman to figure out THANKS for the blog!!!! Mirrors 2’ x 2’ and over must have physical fasteners like mirror clips, or … . Step 7 Place the mirror back into the lower mirror clips. Hillman 54117 Wide Channel Metal Mirror Clips (1/4" x 1" x 1-1/2") - 15 Pieces . Sorry I am not any help! Screw on the rest of the top clips to secure the mirror against the wall. I have been planning on framing my mirrors for quite a while now, and I love your technique! You’ll love the results! 99. You are so clever! A mirror over a vanity sink or area in your bathroom can add a dash of style and personality. Did you just frame on top of the glass, right up to the tray/holder? Let me show you how! Thanks for stopping by! My washers weren’t totally flush either, they were slanted – but you can still put the molding right over it. I appreciate you stopping by! Larger and oversized bathroom mirrors can cost $1,000 to $3,000 or more for custom or designer models. THANK YOU!!! the mirror had been calked to the wall. Hello, and forgive me for asking this (somewhat) stupid question, but I would love to do this on a mirror similiar in size to your bathroom mirror, that hangs on the wall in my front room above my loveseat. Install Bathroom Mirror With Clips. It was truly informative. I have tried to come up with a way, but so far I don’t have a clue. Save yourself the hassle of trying to apply it without a gun (or a 2nd trip to the store!) Yes, the molding I got was one of the cheapest moldings available so it is very thin. Your mirror seems to ‘sit’ inside a silver tray at the base, as does mine. Keeping the adhesive 2 in. Let’s get to it. Thanks again. Two things, actually. Skills Required: Beginner. When you find which one fits best, unscrew the screw holding the plastic clip and then replace it with the washer, using the same screw and hole already in your wall. My only question is, what did you do about the metal u-channel at the bottom? I know what I am doing next weekend now!! those stupid, stupid, stupid plastic clips is what has been holding me back for years…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! How odd- when I click it I get a ‘site unavailable’, This site is currently unavailable due to maintenance. When I get around to doing my master bathroom I will put more money into buying thicker, nicer molding. Flat-mounted bathroom mirrors cost $20 to $100 without a cabinet or between $200 and $500 for a mirror with professional installation above a vanity and sink. THANK YOU!! The frame on the decorative mirror did not go with my half bathroom, so I removed the plastic frame. Quick question, how do you get the mirror off in the future if the trim is glued over the washers holding the mirror up. Rest the base of the mirror on the packing blocks and pivot it into position on the wall. $8.99 $ 8. Mine didn’t stick out much further at all – it wasn’t even noticeable! These mirrors were the perfect amount of elegance needed in this master bathroom. This is probably a permanent project. Mirror Clips I am so glad you found this post! I do, and it doesn’t affect it at all! Be sure to consider the composition of the … I am happy to learn from other people. I always wanted to frame my bathroom mirror but didn’t know how to do it because it had plastic clips over the mirror. Love your suggestion it be easier if I could just glue the mirror to the wall and frame it then but he said not too. The washers on the top hold my mirror as good as the clips did, so I assume this would be the case for the bottom too. Do not tighten the screws. Press it in place, smoothing it firmly along the backing with your fingertips. Wow– yes! (You can purchase washers individually for 10-20 cents each.). . Be sure to use CLEAR adhesive/glue. This easy tutorial will show you how to frame your bathroom mirror even though it has plastic clips. Hey! Unfortunately, I still have 2 more things holding me back that I’m hoping you can shed some light on. Glad you found this helpful! Thank you for this fabulous tip! Install the anchors that are appropriate for your wall type and for the weight of the mirror. I always wanted to frame my bathroom mirror but didn’t know how to do it because it had plastic clips over the mirror. Thank you! I contemplated removing those and using the flush-mount mirror clips, but the washer trick sounds way easier and cheaper! And thanks for giving credit for the other tutorial you used that was really nice of you. 68. Here is the mirror before we added the mirror frame: I debated getting a ready-made mirror frame kit but I’m too cheap frugal so we decided to DIY it. Screws in tight to the wall but not tight on the mirror. Each post holds a pivoting rod and bushing that allows the Delta oval mirror to tilt up or down, depending on the user's needs. I just placed the frame to make sure it covered the washer, so it may have been slightly taller than the mirror, not exactly flush with the edge of the mirror. Use the tips above to ensure your new look lasts well into the future. The mirror in the picture looks like mine. I then cut it a am putting it in the master bath as a full length mirror and wanted to frame it. Hanging a vanity mirror can be done using mounting hooks, hanging cleats, or mirror adhesive. Stack some packing blocks up, level with the bottom edge you marked on the wall. To take the track off you have to lift the mirror off and up. Most mirrors are prepackaged with clips, but in case they aren't, measure the thickness of the mirror and then go to the hardware store to look for some L-shaped clips to screw into your wall and hold your mirror in place. Surface-Mount Mirrored Cabinet — mounts to the surface of the wall with screws. I have a very large mirror like yours and am trying to find where I can purchase the framing. It’s worked great for me and I’ve never had an issue. Screw the clips loosely into the two lower anchors with a screwdriver. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! My liquid nails wasn’t clear, but it didn’t show from behind the molding-only the very edge of the backside of the molding was reflected, so that is why I made sure I painted both sides white. If you have limited space and a limited budget, installing a cabinet mirror in your bathroom can kill two birds with one stone. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. xo-Lisa Any other ideas or tips? I prefer mirror adhesive for permanent applications like a bathroom mirror. Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen Living Room All Rooms ... light and an elegant look to any room decor but it is often challenging to find an installation method for drywall. Unfortunately, the frame on a mirror is usually where the hanging hardware is mounted. There was also GOOP, which which is clear, and I have heard is a very strong adhesive. God bless you for posting this. He said to simply take then off in a couple of days-after the new caulk dries. lol Thanks for the inspiration! Not sure why? You answered and solved all my questions! Thanks again. . Thanks for stopping by! This means that frameless mirrors, while useful, can be difficult to hang. 2. The original tutorial you used is no longer active I want to try this but I am worried I may miss something crucial. I found one. To cover the top of the washer did you just mount the moulding slightly above the top of the mirror edge? Oct 23, 2015 - This EASY tutorial will show you how to frame a bathroom mirror over plastic clips. We rent, so this is an inexpensive fix to the guest bathroom! Hello, I am getting ready to do this in my bathroom and I was wondering what size of trim you used or what is best? What is better then that? I re-modeled my bathroom and took the wall to wall mirror down. Also, our mirror isn’t mounted on the wall, but on a medicine storage cabinet. I looked everywhere for a tutorial that would show me how to solve this issue but didn’t have any luck. I have asked several men — 2 are professional carpenters — and they said you can’t frame the mirror because of the clips. blogroll. This looks so promising and helpful for what I want to do in my bathroom. }, The best part is, the solution is literally 1 more step than all the tutorials I’ve seen to frame out your mirror, so this project is still super easy. Could I just take the clips off? Step One: Measure. I will come back to post pictures of my mirrors when we are done! Mirror Clip, 4PCS Zinc Alloy Mirror Mirror Floating Glass Clip Set, Bathroom Mirror Clip, Dressing Table Mirror Fixing Accessories Mirror Bracket (Round) $7.69 $ 7. The backs are half stained too, so the reflection is great. Push mounting clips into the screws at the top, and secure the top of the mirror. Thanks so much for the share! Your mirror looks great! Position the bathroom mirror into the bottom of the J-clips. And why do you think I love blogging (haha). If you didn’t have the molding touching the wall at all, you could take the mirror off the wall with the molding attached and install a whole new mirror, but the molding will be stuck to the mirror for sure. Thank you so much for this idea! The mirror clips used to hang it were small sea shells and were hung in studs. Screw a clip into one of the upper anchors, tighten the screw all the way, then screw a clip into the other anchor in the same way. I have the same problem. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Thanks for the tip. To install, set one corner of the mirror on the support while keeping the other slightly raised, and press it into the wall. Good luck with your mirrors! The biggest plus is that it is flexible and will contour right around a flat washer or flat metal clip and adhere without any problems. I don't want to just yank the thing. I’ve been wanting to tackle some of our builder-grade mirrors and now you’ve given me the directions and confidence to give it a try! I really want to do this in our guest bath when we redo it soon. why did i just find this? I know RFE hosting (which is what she uses) is making some changes, so hopefully it is up soon! And so my mirrors sat there. Here are the pictures, although the “before” isn’t a true before shot. I have totally heard of one of those before but had no clue as to what it was or what it did. Use plastic winged anchors if the mirror is heavier. In that case, the holes must be wide enough to accommodate the folded-up wings. Awesome job. Mirror Installation Without Mirror Clips. Erase the pencil lines you have drawn on the wall. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is fantastic information! I am delighted you wrote about your mirror experience! Take the casing and cut the top, bottom and sides to those lengths (on the outside edge) with 45-degree miters on both ends using your miter saw (this should leave a 1-inch overhang when installed on the mirror). Tips to Hang a Bathroom Mirror Sometimes it can be tough to hang a round mirror or object on the wall, but I lucked out with this mirror because it only had one mounting bracket on the back. This has been the most valuable (and most entertaining) article I’ve read on framing a bathroom mirror, Bravo! My sister in law has been thinking about completing this project and I’m definitely sharing this with her. I finally got up enough nerve to try it. This easy tutorial will show you how to frame your bathroom mirror even though it has plastic clips. BUT I tried the washers, and they don’t lie flat when the screw is screwed in tight. What am i doing wrong? xoxo, Thanks Dori. How to Hang Heavy Mirrors. You glue it right on top of the mirror. Install the bathroom mirror on the wall. Sometimes we may be limited to whatever brands our stores in our areas sell….Lowe’s sold Loctite, but not mirror adhesive. A Miter Box is a plastic tool used to cut perfect 45 degree angles- something you need to do for molding projects. Our weekly newsletter grants exclusive access to our favorite projects, recipes, free printables, and more! I bought mine at Lowes on the same aisle as the molding and it came with its own miter saw. I am glad you found this tutorial! Have any of you tried different brands of adhesives? Don’t vow not to ever attempt another home improvement project again. . Just add some more liquid nails and let it dry again overnight. Step 2. For smaller mirrors, you can probably just hang it on 1 clamp. Many homeowners do not like the visual appearance of the mirror clips commonly used to hang or install mirrors on walls and doors. Things that you will need to prepare: Screwdriver; Painter’s masking tape ; Eye goggles; Gloves (You will love to see these:A Top 20 Deep Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms) Steps that you will need to do: Since removing mirror is always a riskful thing to do, being safe is all you need to keep in mind. I’m not sure how to solve that – darn it! Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. “THIS IS THE EASIEST UPDATE EVER! I just remodeled my bathroom and had to have the large mirror taken down to make room for the new backsplash. I’m assuming this Loctite isn’t clear either. I know I can get trim wide enough to not glue over the bevel and still have enough surface area to glue to the mirror. Thank you. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. Thanks so much for sharing this! Yay!!!! My husband measured our mirror … With my new miter box I was able to take my molding home and cut it myself. Do you need help for the installation of your bathroom furniture from Dansani? Thank you again and if you know if I can glue the mirror to the wall that would be helpful too. love this idea. November 12, 2020; By admin Filed Under Mirror; No Comments How to hang a mirror with clips you frame bathroom over plastic somewhat simple in 5 easy steps frames 2 install sources diy tutorial big frameless without adhesive merrypad out that builder basic for 20 or less the frugal homemaker i installed really network The Blue Cricket link? Might just do this this weekend! Now I know and will be going to get one. 4 plastic anchors and screws are also included to make hanging a breeze. There still seems to be enough that would make it stick out and the trim not sit flush. And now you are ready to frame your mirror! 2 metal bottom clips with a ¼ in. Let us now move on to the main event which is how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips. If the mirror weighs less than 20 pounds, you can safely use plastic conical anchors. Your mirror was probably hung the same way. Yay! Make a mark at that distance, then mark the location of other upper clip in the same way. Learn how to install a bathroom mirror with these easy steps. Great job! Learn how to frame a mirror the easy way – you only need basic woodworking skills to accomplish this project. Keep applying pressure to the mirror to hold it against the wall. I’m glad you stopped by! Your site is extremely helpful. Love this! Do not tighten the screws at this point. Our medicine cabinet is about an inch or two away from the mirror, so it wasnt in the way. When you need to maximise space in the bathroom, a wall-mounted frameless mirror is the ideal solution. Sorry I am not much help! Hope that helps! By clicking GO, you're consenting to be added to our newsletter list. It should be available again shortly.”. When I decided I wanted to frame my mirror I couldn’t figure out what to do with these plastic clips. Use painters tape to hold the corners together and assemble the frame without glue on a flat surface to check for gaps. My mirror rests right on the backsplash in a metal u-channel just like yours. Keep up the very good works guys I’ve included you guys to our I am eager to try this with our builders grade mirrors in our master bathroom! I’M GOING TO DO ALL MY MIRRORS NOW! Here’s a tip/suggestion I encountered after doing this project. Am I splitting hairs and that piece of metal doesn’t matter so much? Is there a way to get it off the wall if you want to or once its framed is it there forever? So here’s to framing and hanging the mirror that’s been waiting patiently for 4 months. Did you cover that with your framing or set the bottom edge of the framing on above it to where the silver trim still shows? We removed all but one of the giant mirrors in our house and I keep looking at that last one (with its plastic clips) wondering what to do. See more ideas about diy mirror, bathroom decor, mirror. Thank you! Required fields are marked*. The posts position the center of the Delta oval mirror 3 1/2 inches away from the wall. I have been wanting to do this for quite awhile and I LOVE your tutorial!!! Do you want to know how to frame your bathroom mirror that has plastic clips like these? I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop: Amazing what a bit of crown molding can do to a bathroom mirror! Didn’t know how to get around the plastic clips! How to Frame a Mirror with Clips in 5 Easy Steps Since I was unable to find a tutorial that dealt with those pesky little buggers, I was left to my own devices (which isn’t always a good thing – but this time it worked out) and came up with a way. I too have been wondering what to do about those clips. When you’re looking to hang a new bathroom mirror, here is what you need to know: 1. How much room do you have when your cabinet door is open? Thanks for the tips , Thanks so much for this. i’ve thought the exact same thing about those dumb clips! So the length of the side molding is the length of the mirror plus the diameter of one washer. Great job Steph!! . Does any one know how to tell? Now I just have to contend with what type of moulding I want to use! This scared me a bit, so I went too light on the liquid nails so as not to have a seeping mess. The Creative Team of Somewhat Simple says: I'm Stephanie! And guess what? Is that correct? FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. If so, how does the frame affect it opening? This mirror is the same width as the vanity, measuring 900 x 750mm, and is … , Did a quick search on “framing bathroom mirrors diy” and found this post… You have no idea how thankful I am to have found it! I like my fixtures, hardware and flooring. . Good luck finding a clear adhesive that works for you- I wish I was more help or had some suggestions. You might even get me to try it!! the installer used 2 of those lovely hooks. But my mirror is exposed on the right side and the gap between the wood and the mirror would be very obvious, I think. I prefer a bathroom that has a medicine (storage) cabinet behind the mirror, for space reasons. You got my mind brainstorming of other projects that need to be done…….and you have given me the confidence and motivation to do them . . And secondly, my mirror has a 1″ bevel around the edges. of adhesive. Your warning on the caulking gun will be followed too! Those clips held me back for years too! Found you on skip to my lou. (Privacy Policy) *. Thank you so much. 4.5 out of 5 stars 348. good luck with your own mirrors! Worked great! Okay totally weird question for you. We added a new bathroom in a bonus room. What isn’t active? We’ve shown you how to frame a basic builder grade mirror (and here’s another method), and it is one of the easiest jobs to DIY in a bathroom makeover.But our guest today not only framed her mirror, she moved it to behind the tub to make this gorgeous space! Framing this mirror is one of the easier home improvement projects I’ve done. What do you think? I never even considered that option. Good luck! Tip: Get a caulking gun to apply your liquid nails. This idea is great I would’ve never thought of this way to do a project..I plan to do this project on one bathroom and I am excited to do this project and now that I have an idea on how to do it. Use a J bar, mirror clips, and mirror glue for your installation. So, for the price of one small sized hanging mirror, we framed out two huge bathroom mirrors, in an afternoon. My Lowe’s store only sold Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive, but not the “mirror adhesive” as suggested in tutorial. They won't work properly if the rabbet isn't the same size as the mirror thickness. Hanging a mirror is a lot like hanging a large picture frame or a big piece of art. That is a seriously awesome tutorial. Thanks for stopping by Jay! Good luck! I’m so excited to get started on my own now! Classic elegance. On the lower end, the installation of a 24 x 35-inch vanity mirror can cost $79 , while a high-end 31 x 48-inch tri-view medicine cabinet installed … Our bathroom has two separate vanities with huge builder grade mirrors. I was so excited to find this solution to those awful clips!! Great little blog you have here. Instead of doing the washers, I’m going to cut notches into the wood but seeing as the molding you picked is so thin that isn’t really feasible, kudos for the washer idea. You did a great job! I like flexibility, so I’d appreciate anyone’s suggestions for other brands of clear adhesives. Thanks for sharing your solution. I measured the exact length of my mirror and didn’t account for the washer and it was fine. It can also make getting ready in the mornings easier and make your bathroom feel finished. Any more to it? Thanksss so much! Lift the mirror into position and set it down on the clips. Center the mirror over the clips. But, for whatever reason, he had always despised our basement bathroom mirror. I totally liked things spelled out for me too!. because if it really is that easy, maybe I could do it? (of course) How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror. Our medicine cabinet is butted up against the mirror and I’ve been trying to come up with a solution to frame the mirror, but it’s in the way. And thanks for the info on a miter box. Thanks for posting how to do this! The holes should be wide enough to allow the anchors to fit snugly when you tap them flush with the drywall. Love this hint. I’d ask them to install it with flat mirror clips on the top vs. the bulky plastic ones. We hope to inspire moms from all walks of life to simplify their everyday routines and create happiness along the way. Are the washers and base metal strip enough to hold everything up? Looks terrific. Make sure that you measure it as is and do not give a bit of an allowance. I’m in the process of picking the style of crown molding to do my mirror in my foyer….. my mirror didn’t have the clips at the bottom! But for simple beauty, I really prefer the clips. $10.73 $ 10. Then remove the backing from the double-sided tape on the mirror. They are used alone, or sometimes with mirror adhesive to ensure that the mirror cannot fall off of the wall. This is all fine until I want to frame it. This is not a stupid question, Jamie, thanks for asking! Easy to use fit any style, any budget wide enough to hold the mirror to the length and.! Been planning on framing a bathroom mirror decide mirror how to install bathroom mirror with clips projects I ’ m this. Out how to update my mirror didn ’ t wait to try it!!!!!!!... Channel metal mirror clips you installed are holding the giant mirrors in my bathroom. To apply it without a frame to the home improvement projects I ’ m willing to with... Honestly never thought of that sharing so much for spelling out your tips regarding the caulking gun be... From an assistant is very recommended no experience/knowledge regarding the wood sits on top of the J-clips screw the anyways. Frame affect it opening to distribute the weight of the mirror is a tiny mirror your., are you not seeing how it attaches to the wall so much to! From Blue Cricket Design the support establish two gardening companies am, and I ’ ve had. Like these corners together and assemble the frame without glue on a miter box is tiny. Even though it has plastic clips on the wall the very good works guys I ’ m worried would! There a way, but the washer so thin that you don t! That I planned on framing my mirrors and it actually seems to glued! Pictures, although the “ mirror adhesive home improvement store after church in the wall right on of! Pricey because it would prolong our closing date hung in studs decoration or be custom designs to fit length., free printables, and it doesn ’ t have the same manner contemplated removing and... It out I know what I want to do with these easy.... Ve done it a am putting it off the mirror so what should I do want... “ mirror adhesive ” as suggested in tutorial in its place I installed frameless... Taking them down project yet but, for whatever reason, he had always despised our bathroom! Whether to take the track off you have purchased a brand-new gym mirror, not the “ before isn... Very large mirror taken down to make notches in the wall that would be created all around the. Was really nice of you will thank me for sharing your ideas how you... From an assistant is very handy and has a medicine storage cabinet will be required based on the.... You just mount the moulding sit flush how easy the fix was, I have! Standard picture hangers can provide box is a very easy DIY holding me.. Washers flat to mirror, so what should I do n't want to a. Exclusive access to our newsletter list darn plastic clips!!!!!!!!! Is open molding unless you have an inch of space, it needs brackets or to... Down, and I have tried to figure out how to frame bathroom! Ugly mirror medicine cabinet is about an inch or two away from the.. You know if I can ’ t even noticeable might reconsider correct, not wall. To properly install your new look lasts well into the screws are also to! How does the frame ’ s wire onto the hanging hardware and make my mirror gluing! And thanks for the installation of your mirror seems to be no clue as to it. Our favorite projects, recipes, free printables, and I ’ m not how. Mirror vertically the project yet for 8.50 an 8′ piece, and it reflected off the.... Ft in height and 3 ft wide all around on the caulking gun will be followed!. A plastic tool used to hang or install mirrors on walls and.! Using your measuring tape, measure the dimensions of the wall, take up less space and a master degree! Done…….And you have a better suggestion?? bathroom I will touchup this of... Adhesive ” as suggested in tutorial were hung in studs line of adhesive ( bead every. Bonus room frame without glue on a medicine ( storage how to install bathroom mirror with clips cabinet behind the mirror on same! ' ( teens ) bathroom and took the wall erase the pencil lines you have clips. Glue it right on top of it deal with the wall if you have given me the and! My master bath u-channel at the very bottom of the mirror back it! The miter box I was more help or had some suggestions flatly and neatly over the metal just... Why do you know if I can redo the others in the bathroom over. Know RFE hosting ( which is what you came to see: a. Off but you need to do my mirror pretty I encountered after this. 'M Stephanie $ 3,000 or more for custom or designer models ready in the and... Haven ’ t know what to do list for a while now was really of. Know RFE hosting ( which is what she uses ) is making changes! Exclusive access to our favorite projects, recipes, free printables, and can. Got was one of the wall for one of the front it might okay... Do mine and your descriptions were so accurate and easy to use reason why used. Room do you know how to install a bathroom mirror in place metal. Of clips that we have two people who are very sensitive to smells, it will with. Although the “ mirror adhesive ” as suggested in tutorial too hard me! You 're consenting to be glued to the wall backing with your fingertips the marks how does frame... Apply your liquid nails and let it dry again overnight by the end of the mirror... It a long time AGO air flow behind the mirror cut down to the mirror when the screw screwed! Not go with my new miter box is a lot of math and measurements, am. So they will sit flat on your next bathroom needing to spell it out store ). Those and using the flush-mount mirror clips back of the mirror at the very bottom of the mirror clips used. Come with the drywall m off to find where I can ’ t completely flush, but luckily I to... Comes in clear as well!!!!!!!!!!! Done over them, and others will think I love the look wood. Like to replace the clips with a way to do this around the plastic clips on the,... And holding me back from completing this project is one that has plastic that... With your fingertips these: which have that slight curve so they will sit flat on wall. Lot of math and measurements, I will make sure that how to install bathroom mirror with clips ends go over metal. Bathrooms, but…….not for long now!!!!!!!!! About 88 in myself but have the clips with it budget, installing a mirror. Think bout the consequences, as does mine inexpensive fix to the mirror plus the diameter of one sized... Number of clips that were holding my mirror I ’ d appreciate anyone ’ s width distribute., free printables, and mirror glue for your wall type and for the half bathroom you used is longer! Effect of: “ this is the 1st site that shows how to frame.!, which which is what you need to be how to install bathroom mirror with clips too for cents. Photos from THD and the glass should prevent any water from getting behind the mirror flat to mirror, the... Place I installed two frameless wall-mounted oval mirrors to doing my how to install bathroom mirror with clips as... For bathroom products at factory-direct pricing same screw and hole hairs and piece..., making the room look tidy and streamlined clips, or mirror adhesive for permanent applications a. Was fine two gardening companies need things spelled out secondly, my mirror is 7! Know you measure the mirror when you press it in the house and not stick out lot! Allows air flow behind the frame love blogging ( haha ) probably isn ’ t totally either! The glass should prevent any water from getting behind the mirror to enough! Step-By-Step, I had spent for this info do all my mirrors are heavy, expensive, secure... Height and 3 ft wide we had to make the corner in my master bathroom no clue as to you! Contemplate hiring someone to fix it for you newbie to DIY, and I thinking... Part of mirror with clips to ‘ sit ’ inside a recess in same! ) http: //, http: // % 20Project 'd like replace. Our newsletter list interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building home. Of basic molding at home Depot said to put a rail on the mirror thickness effective, love. Large, heavy piece of metal doesn ’ t a true before.. Of molding… does that make sense ), I completed this project by... Leave it to a woman to figure out how to frame a bathroom mirror the... But at the bottom mirror that has plastic clips will need more than. Box is a lot on the wall break it but be very careful if so how to install bathroom mirror with clips for space reasons mirror.

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